PMP shoots the second and fourth Sunday’s all year. Our priority is always SAFETY! After our safety briefing, the fun begins--we are there to have fun and enjoy the shooting on the range, and socializing in the clubhouse after our shoots. Some of our shooters bring their RV's and dry camp on the range. After our shoot on the second Sunday match, the club provides lunch and beverages. Shooters bring their own lunches and beverages on the fourth Sunday shoot. During the summer months we will probably shoot on the Saturday associated with the second and fourth Sunday’s, but notice to that effect will be posted on our website ahead of time. Our website is: www.pinemountainposse.com . As stated above, we may shoot on the Saturday’s associated with our Sunday shoots, however that will depend on the weather and/or if someone wants to host the match. If Club Members desire, Saturday’s can be used to shoot either Wild Bunch or Cowboy. If you are interested in designing and writing a Wild Bunch stage or a Cowboy stage, then let the Club Range Officer know (see contacts) so that things can be arranged and notice posted ahead of time.

                  We welcome shooters of all levels, so whether you are thinking about getting started or are a skilled competitor, we have a place for you​​​. So join us by stepping back in time to the 1800's, to experience the old west with the PMP. Our Shooting Time all year long is sign-in at 9am and shooting starts at 10am. Shooting during winter hours is weather dependent, so call one of the listed Contacts to verify the shooting schedule.​​